Top 10 Government Tech Startups - 2019
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Top 10 Government Tech Startups - 2019

The local, state and federal governments in the U.S. are emphasizing on leveraging modern technology solutions to improve the lives of their citizens. To this end, many startups have been surfacing in recent years that are helping to transform the operations in the public sector. These startups are driven by the urge to come up with innovative products to set a benchmark and establish themselves as leaders in the public sector domain.

Various government tech startups are leveraging automation techniques to create more citizen-centric experiences while offering cost-effective solutions at the same time. The digital platforms not only help the government programs to reach to the common masses with great agility, but it also improves citizen engagement and satisfaction to a large extent. Simultaneously, many government tech startups are venturing into data collection and analytics space to help the government to consolidate an enormous amount of data and extrapolate insights into their operations and processes. It helps improve various facets of government processes such as traffic monitoring, weather patterns, and many others.

Acknowledging the role of startups in government tech, Gov CIO Outlook has compiled a list of top government tech startups that are making significant inroads with their innovative solutions. We are glad to feature Milpitas, CA-based startup Promise that offers technology solutions to reduce recidivism, minimize cost, and promote public safety. The company delivers tools that aid in enhancing the case managers efficiency and empower their clients to meet their court-ordered obligations. Another company that features in this edition is Casebook that develops transformative software to promote best practices and drive improved outcomes in human services. The human-centered, outcome-focused solutions empower human service professionals to manage both field and back-office operations.

With a plethora of innovative solutions, these startups are stamping their authority in the public sector domain. We hope this issue of Gov CIO Outlook helps the federal CIOs to build a strong partnership with government tech startups and improve the lives of citizens across the U.S.

We present to you Gov CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Government Tech Startups - 2019.”

    Top Government Tech Startups

  • Carbyne is a leader in public safety, and its intelligent emergency call management platform provides a broad array of real-time data. Carbyne will deliver the world’s best emergency communications ecosystem to public safety agencies following a holistic approach. Their solutions are cloud-native, built with automation and machine learning, empower telecommunicators and first responders, making citizens safer. Clients can use Carbyne’s Public Safety Answering Store™ to tailor their configuration to their specific needs and budget. Entering into IoT, Carbyne brings more and more actionable information into public safety

  • Provides uniquely tailored human-centered platform that can revolutionize the human services sector by transforming the legacy systems. Built to address the need of the human services sector, Casebook’s end-to-end enterprise software platform seeks to revamp the workflow pain points associated with legacy systems by narrowing down the constraints related to search, and concentrates explicitly on individuals instead of viewing them as stacks of files or paperwork. Their API-based approach adds to the singularity of the platform, ensuring data interoperability through real-time sharing of information and mobile access from any device. The capability of working through web-based interfaces and mobile devices makes going up and running easier without any lengthy and costly training programs

  • Mark43 offers a single, cloud-native platform for dispatch, records, evidence, and analytics. It is built to meet the demands of public safety professionals worldwide. Mark43 empowers communities and their governments with new technologies by increasing engagement with personalized, device-agnostic tools to improve safety and quality of life for all. The company’s modern, intuitive software enables agencies to leverage new efficiencies, share data seamlessly, and focus more on the communities they serve. Of all, Mark43 enhances first responder safety, operational efficiency, and investigative effectiveness with artificial intelligence.

  • PayIt provides a patent-pending, enterprise-grade platform focused exclusively on government services. This robust platform and rapid deployment methodology allows to launch in a matter of weeks. The company configures industry-leading services for the citizens. PayIt is simplifying doing business with state, local, and federal government through its award-winning digital government and payment platform. Through, its open digital platform, the company transforms the customer experience and making government more modern, convenient, and mobile. Their services based plug-in solutions allow partners to integrate PayIt solutions seamlessly into theirs

  • A leading provider of criminal justice solutions that help keep people out of jail. Promise enables cost-effective and humane alternatives to incarceration by building community supervision technologies focused on improving long-term outcomes for individuals and their communities. The company creates modern, efficient workflows by integrating complex data systems while developing user friendly interfaces. Promise launched a ticket payment app, PromisePay. The app is designed to keep low-income residents from losing their licenses and suffering other consequences associated with unpaid tickets. The app also allows residents to pay tickets immediately with multiple payment options such as Venmo, PayPal, credit cards, and cash

  • VMS Communications is a technology and digital marketing company that creates and manages client-owned databases using highly effective direct communication channels to meet clients’ goals. They offer technology and information management solutions for highly efficient communication with customers or followers. VMS Communications helps celebrities, sports teams, media channels, and other content owners deliver and manage their data, understand their users and followers, and obtain profits that are usually kept by social networking websites. Building loyalty while monetizing one’s own content is simple when using a single intelligent central database

  • ArcBlock


    ArcBlock incorporates blockchain technologies in everyday life, thereby making it easily accessible useful. The company solves the user experience challenges while removing the complexity out of building dApps. Their platform is easy to use and designed for scalability, security, and interoperability out of the box. ArcBlock blockchain platform is an open platform with a complete decentralized network and application ecosystem that is highly available, scalable, and secure to meet any requirements. Their framework can be adapted to specific user requirements with swappable storage, consensus, and more

  • CrowdForce


    CrowdForce is Africa’s largest distribution network, empowering businesses to drive mass adoption of digital, crypto, and financial services to the underserved population. They are using mobile technology and the most significant agent network to help businesses, banks, digital wallets, multinational organizations, NGOs, and government agencies reach the underserved population in the emerging market. The company is dedicated to analyze the requirements and launch a campaign using their network that meets agents’ objectives. Following real-time data analysis and monitoring, their data and analytics platforms empower decision-makers.

  • SimpliGov


    SimpliGov cares about public service employees and empowers government departments and public service agencies by providing them with an effective government automation platform that’s easy to adopt and use. It gives a head start on creating tomorrow’s digitally-transformed community. SimpliGov allows government workflow automation and eForm automation using flexible solutions. Government workflow automation improves a community by enabling more efficient and agile public service. Their solutions allow employees to tackle more gratifying and productive work. Their services are accessed conveniently while saving time, lowering taxes, and improved customer satisfaction

  • Vysk


    Founded in 2013, because individuals everywhere have a right to privacy, Vysk’s works to restore and redefine privacy in the Digital Age. The company developed the patented QS1 Privacy Case, a revolutionary technology poised to disrupt the privacy industry. Vysk protection guards mobile device, business, and personal information at the same time. Utilizing patented encryption algorithms, one-time passcode technology, and innovative embedded hardware, Vysk has developed a network architecture and platform that meets the needs of small to large businesses, large scale enterprise clients, governments and NGO’s and can integrate easily within the current structure of most companies, or be hosted in the Vysk Privacy Network