Top 10 Government Tech Consulting/Services Startups - 2019
Epigen Technology Corp.: A Helpful Change Agent  For Government Agencies

Top 10 Government Tech Consulting/Services Startups - 2019

According to the World Economic Forum, We are entering into the fourth industrial revolution. With stunning technological advances in the private sector, the onus is on the public service agencies to jump on the technology bandwagon and serve the citizens more and efficiently. In this regard, various startups have surfaced in recent years to enable the government to cater to citizens effectively through modern technology tools. They have proved to be effective in breaking down silos and seamlessly connecting and streamlining data and process flows, enhancing security, and creating personalized and engaging citizen experiences.

The digital delivery model of the government tech startups has opened the door to integrated data and seamless citizen experience. The innovative services of these startups are enabling dramatic leaps in service quality, massive efficiency gains, and the move to a digital delivery model. Besides, acknowledging the data deluge and the need to utilize data to the brim, the government tech startups have also started to climb the Artificial intelligence (AI) maturity curve to upend services for the citizens.

Government tech startups are helping governments to move towards smart governance. Their integrated, connected, and sustainable services help the government to serve citizens collaboratively and comprehensively, improving everything from mobility to healthcare to the environment. Various public systems have been benefitted through the cutting-edge service platform of government tech startups, as their services allow them to meet the needs of individuals in a streamlined manner. These platforms are not only helping to enhance the citizen experience but also enables government employees to manage their workloads and reach to larger masses efficiently.

Following the recent trends in the government tech arena, Gov CIO Outlook has compiled a list of top Gov Tech startups that are making a mark in the public sector with their state-of-the-art services. These startups are harnessing the power of modern technology tools to assist the government in tackling the challenges in the public sector and cater to the needs of citizens efficiently.

In the wake of these technology transformations, we are glad to feature Tysons, VA-based epigen technology, a solution delivery firm that leverages advanced cognitive tools to support its client’s in achieving their business objectives. Founded in 2016, the company offers customized software solutions to meet the demands of both public and private sector companies. Another featured company is a woman-owned startup Nodi Solutions, which is a trusted technology partner to federal organizations. The company focuses on project and program management, risk management, systems engineering, and strategic communications of government initiatives and plans along with acquisition services, and small business consulting.

With several field-proven technology solutions and success stories up their sleeves, these startups are a class-apart in offering innovative technology services to the public sector. We hope that this issue of Gov CIO Outlook helps the government CIOs to form a lasting partnership that can help to cater to citizens in a more streamlined manner.

We present to you Gov CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Government Tech Consulting/Services Startups - 2019.”

    Top Government Tech Consulting/Services Startups

  • Transforming the organizations and highlight core competencies in new, unique ways, Epicenter Media & Training is a partner in the digital age Consulting services including course delivery/instruction, curriculum development, emergency management, plan and procedure development, communications strategy and management, technology and systems reviews, exercises/evaluation, leadership program development, community outreach, digital analytics, project/program management, event marketing and management, etc. within the emergency management, homeland security, non-profit, and business industries. Founded in 2013, Epicenter’s clients include, federal, state, and local emergency management agencies like businesses, hospitals, universities, and technology partners

  • Epigen Technology delivers value by helping government agencies focus on outcomes requested by the user and streamline their services accordingly. The company provides a framework that educates all levels of users within the organizations on advanced and emerging technologies. The framework also helps them attain the principles of value-first service delivery. It aids in enhancing productivity, as well. At the core of Epigen’s engagement strategy is the idea of teaching users how to embed data science and AI as part of their core competency. This will help them bridge the gap between casting a vision and actualizing it with maximum impact and efficiency

  • FACILITRON is a public space marketplace and provider of facility management and data solutions for public schools and colleges. Through a unique partnership strategy that provides software, setup and support at no cost, Facilitron helps districts create, develop and manage facility use programs that maximize utilization and recovery costs and enable a completely new approach to data-driven facility management. Headquartered in Los Gatos, CA, A Facilitron partnership includes ongoing analysis and business insights that enable districts to create policies that have a major impact on the health and performance of schools. All while allowing for an overlap of resources that benefits both education and the community

  • A woman-owned small business that focuses on the strategy, technology, engineering, and mission challenges facing government organizations. Nodi Solutions offers its capability in the fields of project and program management, strategic planning and implementation, emergency management, systems engineering, capture and proposal, acquisition services, and small business consulting. “Leading with intellectual curiosity,” Nodi Solutions consistently provides the best value from limited resources. Nodi Solutions has been a leader in developing methodologies and initiatives to address national cybersecurity workforce needs. Nodi Solutions supported the original efforts to develop and deliver the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity workforce Framework, categorizing and defining cybersecurity work across all sectors. Nodi Solutions also developed capability indicators which assist in identifying aptitude in cybersecurity. Nodi Solutions has worked with multiple Federal, State, local, Tribal, and Territorial government and private sector partners to adopt the NICE Cybersecurity workforce Framework though nationwide initiatives and campaigns to standardize the way organizations talk about and organize their cybersecurity workforces

  • Arya Technologies

    Arya Technologies

    Providing end-to-end technology solutions for the United States Federal Government and the industry that supports it, Arya Technology focuses on enabling state-of-the-art mission delivery. The company is created for one purpose that is to help the government agencies achieve their missions with smart, innovative, and fiscally responsible technology solutions. The firm owes to help the industries with strategies, including business process and transformation, program management, change management, organization redesign, and infrastructure management. The company offers the best in industry technologies like cybersecurity, analytics and big data, mobility, cloud, and app development

  • Enpira


    Enpira is a cloud-hosted energy analysis software and data-driven solutions provider service utilities and building portfolios. The company’s clients include municipal and cooperative electric utilities, city and county governments, public school districts, and energy efficiency programs. Headquartered in Durham, NC, the company’s features include demand response evaluation, automated energy savings M&V. The firm enables a better customer relationship, by enhancing the customer outreach with meaningful, personalized reports and emails. Enpira works with the organizations to develop custom home energy reports, improving customer engagement and helping to meet program objectives

  • KIND Financial

    KIND Financial

    KIND Financial offers financial technology solutions for cultivators, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. KIND's platforms empower the cannabis industry to transact safely and securely while operating in compliance with the laws, guidelines, and regulations that govern its operations. KIND's seed to sale software, Agrisoft, manages the entire cannabis-business life-cycle from producers/growers to the dispensaries and through to the bank. The company’s cloud-based software suite is designed to help producers and dispensaries become more efficient and transparent to streamline accountability, tax collection and ultimately prevent the diversion of legal cannabis

  • Plexos Group

    Plexos Group

    Plexos Group is a company born from innovation and centered on people, processes, and technology to transform businesses into efficient and profitable enterprises. Plexos Group was formed by experts with years of experience in the governmental, business consulting, insurance, and financial and information technology industries. The combined experience has positioned Plexos Group with the expertise necessary to provide unique business and program management solutions in the fields of business consulting, project management and consulting, IT solutions, and call center support for commercial, industrial, and government clients. The company, with years of experience in administering large complex settlement and grant programs enables them to provide their clients with lessons learned and best management practices developed while supporting various projects

  • Raven Defense Corporation

    Raven Defense Corporation

    Raven Defense is a technology company that is based in Albuquerque, NM. The company is dedicated to offer high-quality engineering services, expert program consultation, and highly specialized technical equipment to meet the customer’s demanding requirement in cybersecurity compliance, deployable sensors, and cutting-edge research, development, test and evaluation systems. The company was established in 2018. Raven Defense is more focused on being an agile and responsive partner able to react to the organization’s changing needs. With a team of experts, the company has decades of experience working across the US DoD and other government agencies to offer mission-critical technology solutions and support



    Stratascorp is a business firm that supports federal government and defense end-user requirements for the critical support for land, sea, air, and space missions. The company supports large Types Commands (TYCOMS), enterprise programs, and individual requirements for a wide spectrum of government and DoD agency customers. The company is headquartered in Virginia Beach. Stratas provides a cadre of certified and experienced personnel who are subject matter experts for Computer Network Defense (CND), Network Operation (NETOPS), Information Assurance (IA), C4 Afloat Operations, Engineering, Shipyard and Waterfront Operations IT Support, Professional and Administrative, Innovative Logistics Support Services, and Creative Media Services