Top 10 Government Technology Startups - 2018
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Top 10 Government Technology Startups - 2018

The public sector is the most significant part of the economy and for the nations to grow effectively, it has become essential to focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation in the way government works. The emergence of the GovTech market is revolutionizing the operations of the government by bringing efficiency and transparency through state of the art technologies into age-old workings of the government. According to Gartner, GovTech is a $400 billion market globally and it is contributing in disarming the legacy systems, paper-based processes, on-premise infrastructure, and outdated technology that were extensively used in the public sector.

GovTech startups are bringing in new and innovative technologies in the public sector to improve the way demands are met and delivered to the citizens. GovTech startups are developing hardware and software tools using modern applications and technology stacks for governments to become more efficient and responsive. Using cloud-based technology, endless customizations, sentiment analysis, impact measurement, and GIS solutions; GovTech startups are transforming the public sector operations and creating an opportunity for the government to provide better and faster services at reduced costs.

The technological innovations brought in by the GovTech startups will help governments to facilitate a dynamic environment by working closely with entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, local businesses, and other interested players. This would also increase accountability and transparency in the government’s working and drive the government-citizen interaction.

To help the governments to adopt these new technological innovations into its operations, our distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with Gov CIO Outlook’s editorial board has assessed several Government Technology Startups and shortlisted the best in the field.

We provide to you “Top 10 Government Technology Startups - 2018.”

    Top Government Technology Startups

  • The company offers a rich call handling ecosystem with Next Generation 911 capabilities to clients

  • Building a better-prepared, more engaged public safety environment that is enabled by purposeful technology and impactful communications

  • Facilitron provides facility management and data solutions for public schools, colleges and municipalities to showcase, monetize and manage their facilities

  • Provides financial technology solutions for cultivators, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies in the medical and recreational cannabis industry

  • Makes reliable and actionable data accessible to police departments and public safety agencies through cloud-based software applications

  • PayIt delivers innovative digital solutions that empower government agencies to provide better services to citizens and foster citizen-government interaction and engagement

  • Provides video content sharing SMS platform for basic and smart cell phones to help Governments, NGOs, and Brands to widen their audience

  • Missionmark


    Provides products that make both government and contractors better at their most important work by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence

  • Seneca Systems

    Seneca Systems

    Provides work solutions to government workers using a triple-threat approach that helps in communications, service request management, and reporting

  • SmartProcure


    SmartProcure Developes a unique, comprehensive database of information and changing the way government agencies approach procurement