Building a Winning Venture Capital Portfolio Strategy

Building a Winning Venture Capital Portfolio Strategy

Maximilien Bacot, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Breega

Maximilien Bacot, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Breega

Maximilien Bacot is a Co-Founder and serves as Managing Partner at Breega Capital. He started his career in Paris as a Telecom consultant for Beijaflore. After launching Tele2’s ADSL Triple Play offer, he founded a consulting company specialized in the Telecom industry where he advised telecom operators as well as public entities on strategic, marketing, and financial aspects of this type of project. He is now Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Breega Capital and Board Member at Nanocloud Software. He also serves as a Board Member at Solendro.

In an interview with Startup City Europe Magazine, Maximilien Bacot, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Breega, talks about how the investment landscape has evolved in recent years.

How can marketers truly advance in identifying the right of collaborations that would help them achieve their business objectives?

The most important aspect is to connect with the team with whom you are collaborating, as it is essential for properly tracking the team’s growth. We at Breega assist newcomers in analyzing the market, gaining a thorough understanding of the business, and identifying emerging trends that will aid them in being successful.

Another aspect we take into consideration is regarding the market size or the sector the startup is addressing. There are startups with innovative ideas, but the market might not be big enough for them to flourish. So we make sure they perfect their go-to-market strategy and that the technology or innovation is not too early for the market.

What are some of the leading trends that you’ve observed in the marketplace?

One factor that is constantly growing is technology, which is also influencing the evolution of other sectors and industries. While the coronavirus epidemic has slowed or halted many sectors over the last two years, technological innovation has remained prevalent. There has been an increased interest and speculation around NFTs and the Metaverse.

“The most important aspect is to connect with the team with whom you are collaborating, as it is essential for properly tracking the team’s growth”

Though Silicon Valley is the breeding pot of these ideas, a lot of new projects and startups in Europe are also joining suit and heading in this direction. With myriad opportunities available, all we can do is to be cautious and ensure that these are startups with a long-term vision before diving deep into it.

What are some of the projects or initiatives that you’ve been a part of?

We are focused on being meaningful in terms of our job roles or within the ecosystem at large, adhering to the values and the DNA of what Breega stands for. This is reflected in every activity we partake in. Our company is part of many initiatives where we engage with other investors in the market space to make co-investments.

It is very important to cultivate a collaborative and caring atmosphere that is equally ambitious. For instance, we believe in pay parity and have made it a point to pay female employees the same amount as male employees when it comes to compensation for the services they render. Our company invests with these values in mind to ensure everyone who is interested has the opportunity and feels included, which aligns with our ecosystem-centric approach.

Could you draw an analogy between your personality traits that reflect the leadership strategy that you have?

I value every project while remaining humble, listening to others, observing, and being inclusive so that everyone can, in the process, grow and attain higher positions.

Even while investing, we make sure that the companies we’re backing have a positive impact on society, like promoting environmental stewardship and social justice. During the initial process of contemplating a deal with the client, we check the CSR and impact metrics to see if it aligns with our values. Measures like these help in validating if both parties are on the same page. We try to replicate and implement these principles at Breega for better work culture and to avoid any business models that might not serve these values.

What are some of the disruptions or transformations that would take place in the investment landscape in the coming years?

Many revolutionary advancements in the field of AirTech are popping up, similar to the proliferation in MedTech we have witnessed with messenger vaccines. In the coming years, we will see a massive change in the way we work, communicate, and travel due to these developments.

A slew of new models will emerge in the coming years, emphasizing a strong sense of ownership. The Z gen with a crypto wallet, in this regard, will be a disruptive change—allowing for greater autonomy over personal and professional lives. This owner-centric approach will seep into how we buy and sell goods, making trade more de-centralized than ever.

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