A Revolutionary Internet Platform Technology Company

A Revolutionary Internet Platform Technology Company

Daniel Curran, Founder & CEO, CustEx

CustEx.com is a truly revolutionary Internet Platform that empowers the 99%, so we avoid global civil unrest and get better products and services. The social media startup company is dedicated to also improving the world of politics by connecting the voices of the many to the few powerful that are forced to action or they lose market share or votes. This is the Holy Grail; everybody says they wish we had to allow the crowds to solve problems that seem insurmountable. 

Realize – this is likely the most important startup in existence today because it provides the platform for everyone to steer us away from global civil unrest like the MadMax movies and climate change. Washington needs this big-time. It is both a B2C and B2B/B2Gov platform that will serve the 99% who are voters, fans, or customers and will get their demands delivered finally by the politicians, governments, celebrities and vendors who may be ignoring them.

CustEx’s founder, Daniel Curran, is a famous, highly successful Silicon Valley Forbes-ranked #7 SuperAngel Investor / Executive / Founder with over 180 startup investments and 22 ($1B)-unicorns with a 12% hit rate from seed, better than many Forbes Midas list vc’s records. Daniel Curran ranks ahead of Billionaires Mark Cuban of SharkTank fame and Marc Benioff at Salesforce on Forbes, Crunchbase, and other media. His role as VP of Strategic Planning at Western Digital saved them from bankruptcy in 2001. CustEx has a diverse team of 15+ highly skilled and experienced individuals from multiple locations across the world working to launch our MVP in the next few weeks.  

They believe they are developing a totally novel positive improvement-empowerment platform category at that will be larger than Google, and they are looking for people who believe in our mission and want to get in on the ground floor as they are about to take off like a rocket. Candidates from TikTok, Facebook, Meta, Google, Twitter, Redditt, Instagram, Snapchat are especially welcome.

CustEx.com is arwd-web, and app-based platform with a familiar TikTok design that differentiates itself by being a place where people can go not to complain but to suggest in a very specific, tactical way to get the changes they want in the world, and they will not be ignored. Corruption and insensitivity to the vulnerable in society will be a thing of the past. Politicians who regularly ignore their constituents and the constitution will be held to account in a new platform that serves as a giant poll, so they will come around and see that CustEx will overrule like a tsunami the big money that ignores the 99%.

It took Rocket Scientist Founder Daniel Curran, who worked at Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, to come up with a simply complex solution that uses matrices, equations, AI/ML, and blockchain and tokens to define the future where everybody is happy is there is no dissent. The TikTok design will appeal to Gen-Z, who will virally grow it quickly when they see they can not only gain fame and fortune but actually be proud of making a future come to pass that they won’t be anxious or have mental health issues.

The platform is live and buggy, but you will know it’s working when you click on the request access buttons and answer a few questions; where they first select those who are interested in a totally positive experience like voting where they know their ‘vote’ or ‘custex’ will be counted transparently with no bias or agenda. Beyond the silly Celebrities topic, all the other topics and subtopics in the left side menu are more serious present-day critical issues like Climate Change, USA Issues, Ukraine, End Racism, Others, and Products and Services on sites like Amazon and Walmart.

In 5 years, they envision a simple text box like Google’s site that asks, ‘What do you want to improve today?’ This is presently at the top of the page. This is what the future looks like! Get ready as it takes off like a rocket!

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